BWSC: A Water Skiing Tradition 60 Years in the Making

Upcoming Events & Announcements

BWSC Delta Fall Open | September 29 & 30, 2018
Our annual tournament includes three-round slalom and three-round trick skiing. Learn more and register>>>

BWSC 60th Anniversary Celebration and Installation Dinner | October 20, 2018
Mark your calendar for this annual event. Greg and Debbie Badal at their site of Diablo Shores in Brentwood.  This celebration is open to members and friends of BSWC (non members). More details to be announced.

Hitting the water? Check the weather and tide.

One Club. Two Sites.

Berkeley Aquatic Park is located just east of the Eastshore Freeway (Hwy 80) between Ashby and University Avenues. The site is open from May to September for water skiing and host to Wed Night Ski League.

The BWSC Delta Site is located near Lower Jones Tract in the California Delta. Nearest marinas include Discovery Bay, Holland Riverside and Orwood. The site offers a slalom water ski course and private beach for families year-round. The site is host to the BWSC Fall open.

Visit our BWSC Site page to learn more.

Accepting Applications

Berkeley Water Ski is accepting membership applications for all levels of water skiers and all ages. Learn more about how to join or download an application.

What's Not to Like

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